Friday, January 03, 2014

Christmas Memories 2013

I wanted to be sure and write down my favorite Christmas memories from this past year. 

My in laws were in no position this year to go shopping for the grandkids and rightfully so. Definitely more important things going on. But they graciously gave us some money to buy their gifts for the grandkids instead. I usually do our family Christmas shopping as well. John tries to keep up with what we got who and what so and so wants...but it's really just not his cup of tea. I pretty much kept everything straight between the Kelly gifts, our gifts, advent gifts and stocking stuffers. But somehow John was left out of the loop on a few things.

Case in point...a ps3 game the twins have been wanting. John ordered it because it was on sale and had planned on gifting it to them from us. But it was really a spur of the moment gift and it was going to put the delicate balance of gift equality all out of whack. So in the end I decided it would be from the grandparents! Fast forward to Dec. 23rd when we had our own little family Christmas. The kids are all done opening gifts and I'm trying to answer Corynn and help Evie undo packaging. John asks me if there was another something like a DVD the twins needed to open. I was so pre-occupied with Evie that I answered back "You mean the g-a-m-e from your parents? wink wink" AND then it hit me that I just spelled out what the gift front the twins...our 15 year old twins....who have known how to spell since 1st grade. It was really quite funny!

I really enjoyed having all the Kellys over to our house. It was fun and a great afternoon. Partly because my nephews are full of the unexpected.

My six year old nephew showed of his twerking skills. That was really funny.

Our other nephew (he's 11) told us he wanted money for Christmas so "he could buy his way into college." which he stated very matter of factly.

Gas station holidays
We traveled back to GI town on Christmas day to celebrate with my family. We left here around 11am and by noon the kids were a bit hungry. We tried to find a fast food place- but all were closed due to the holiday. So we stopped at a gas station, along with about 100 other travelers, and found some snacks. You would have thought the apocalypse was coming. The shelves were going bare and people were just grabbing stuff. It was kind of crazy. We made it out with some peanuts, corn nuts, chocolate, pringles and we were good! :)

We brought out KSC ham back to GI town with us to have with my family Christmas night. It smelled lovely baking all afternoon! So when dinner came you couldn't help but indulge. And most of us indulged a wee bit toooooo much. Shortly after dinner, all of us were sprawled out on couches and the floor cursing ourselves and the ham!

Adult swim
John, Evie and I stayed a hotel Christmas night while the other girls stayed with grandparents. It was late and Evie was borderline asleep, but it's her routine to watch a bit of cartoons before going to bed. And she wanted her cartoons that night. It had been a long day and she was in a mood. We flipped through all the available channels and couldn't find any cartoons. She started crying. Finally John flipped past Adult Swim (which is a bunch of adult cartoons like Simpsons, American Dad, Cleveland show etc). Evie was so excited- TART-TOONS! So we turned down the volume and let her watch some raunchy cartoons. What can you do!? I totally understand now when people say the baby of the family is spoiled and can get away with murder. It has nothing to do with the kids...the parent just gives in faster. :)

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