Thursday, January 09, 2014


Last night at dinner, I realized John and I have become completely engrained into the parental zone. On our way to becoming pros, I tell ya!

We were all sitting at the table eating dinner and conversing about the day, events and various other things. And before I knew it, Evie was out of her seat and running around the kitchen singing at the top of her lungs. Her running is more like galloping and her singing is more like yelling, but you get the picture. But the epiphany came when I realized that John and I were conversing at a normal tone, relaxed and calm...meanwhile crazy kid was creating quite the commotion. And the twins are developing this fine talent too, because they were involved in the conversation acting like Evie wasn't even there. Now that's a skill they will appreciate!

Anyway, it's those little moments when you realize that even after 15+ years of being a parent- we are still learning, growing and achieving. Yay!

P.s. A little Evie-ism to leave you with. Last night we had tacos, rice and beans. Evie was dead set on using her chopsticks during dinner. Which ended up with her scooping up a bean at a time and balancing a grain of rice on the end of the chopstick. She is a stubborn, determined little stinker. But a cute one that we adore beyond words!

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