Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Evie has declared on ownership of my iPad... but then again I declared ownership of it when we were gifted it as a family gift for Christmas a few years ago...so I shouldn't be surprised. Anyway, she loving calls it Gamers. She has about 15 apps on it specifically designed for preschoolers. She has learned her animals, shapes, some numbers, correlation of objects and entry level sight words! YAY! Which really excites me because I was hoping she would be able to start school in 2016. And she is well on her way to being ready.

But her new favorite is a little known thing called You Tube. Yes. It has sucked her in. She likes to watch cartoons on it. And I don't really mind, because then I don't have to watch cartoons all day or listen to the same theme songs over and over. It has also allowed her to check out the classics.

Here she is watching black and white Mickey Mouse.

I'm pretty sure she'll be programming cell phones and computers by the time she's in first grade. Kids these days!

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