Monday, July 28, 2014

busy little bees

We have been moving all week long! Lots going on around here. My best friend's boys were in town visiting grandparents, so I picked them up and brought them to our house for a few days. Corynn is five months older than TJ and they are pretty close. Thunder is my little buddy...a least he was when he was 3. He's now 8 which is just craziness! And the little one Phoenix had a heck of a time escaping the loving clutches of Evie. She was quite smitten. We went fishing and swimming. It was a full house with  7 kids and John and I, but fun!

Then on Friday, we headed back to GI town. Dropped the boys back with their grandparents and helped with preparations for Marion's birthday party. Marion is Kristina's dad and the boys grandpa. I've know him basically my whole life and he is a one of kind jewel of a man! It was so much fun getting everyone together to celebrate his 80th bday! Lots of family and close family friends. I made the cake...for 150 people! Now that was a little nuts. But it was yummy and got rave recviews. A big thanks to my mom for teaching me the frosting recipe.

I had a bit of extra time while I was in GI town before the party- so I helped my mom around the house. She always has a little list for me to do when I'm in town. The list includes everything from hanging a shelf to decorating to pedicure services to wardrobe assistance. I changed an light switch, fixed and outlet, helped decorate a few rooms, hung a pot rack, painted a door, installed a few door stops, put up a piece of trim on the back door, installed a door knob and other things. I'm sure we had item left on the to do list...but there is always next time!

It was a fun weekend and we got so much done!

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