Monday, July 07, 2014

Our Independence Day 2014

July 4th was spent out at Camp Davey with the Kelly clan. I really missed Nancy. This was her holiday. We've celebrated with Jeff and Nancy almost every year, so not having that tradition was hard. Nancy would have barbecues at their house in GI town. John and I would sit on the lake wall and shoot pop bottle rockets into the water. Nancy would serve deviled eggs, chips with french onion dip, baked beans and fruit. Jeff would grill up burgers. We would sit out on the patio visiting and watching the kids play. We would watch the neighbors have the most epic water balloon fight across the corner of the lake.

There were always plenty of sparklers and fountains. Nancy's favorite was the chinese pagoda. Jeff would blast a patriotic playlist and we would enjoy root beer floats with ice cream from Dairy Queen. Tillie would always be there and bring Jeff a Boston Creme Pie and cookies for the kiddos. It was always such a perfect all American night. I miss Nancy and the 'touch' she would bring to the holidays and family gatherings. This year was the first Fourth with Nancy being gone and it was hard. For us...the grandchildren...Jeff.

 It will definitely take time to find our 'new normal'.

BUT we did our best to keep Nancy with us while celebrating. We served up her menu for dinner, Jeff made sure the flag was flying off their patio, John was sure to buy some sparklers for the children, Evie and I picked some flowers from the pasture for the dinner table. Corynn, Ryan and Evie decorated their scooters and then rode around the circle drive parading their creations for the family.

I think Nancy would have approved! She was most definitely in our thoughts!

I adore her little red wellies and she wore them all weekend long. 

The four youngest grandchildren/cousins had a blast...literally!

Evie LOVED the smoke bombs and claimed them when they were all gone she was a bit upset. Thank goodness Aunt Amy brought glow sticks...she thoroughly enjoyed playing with those and even ended up sleeping with them that night. 

(thanks Amy for the pic!)

And to make the holiday even more big brother stopped by for an overnight on his way back home. Just traveling through but it was good to see him! 

***My favorite part was when John and I loaded up our children and went out in the pasture to watch the City of Lincoln's firework display. We were able to see the production just above the tree tops. Our conversation, the music, Corynn holding a sleeping Evie, picking out our favorite was pretty fun. I will miss those little family moments when the twins go off to college. 

****My not so favorite part was when a cake decided to misfire  and shot a balls of sparks towards the house, pasture and bushes. It was pretty scary. After putting out a few fires with the hose...we decided we won't be purchasing cakes anymore. And if we feel the need to - we will be by making a three walled firework shoot. It's just too dangerous otherwise. It was pretty crazy! 

****Loved watching Jeff jam out to Neil Diamond's Coming To America! Totally brought back memories of Jeff and Nancy...

It was a great Fourth of July! 

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