Tuesday, July 01, 2014


John, Evie and I ventured north of Lincoln to a little town last week. Our city only allows the sale and lighting of fireworks from 7/2-7/4. But you can buy them outside city limits 10 days prior to July 4th. Our acreage is near a little town that has a pretty great fireworks stand. And last week they were showing off their fireworks so you could see what the cake, fountain or shell looks like prior to buying. Which is pretty cool considering you can spend anywhere from $20-$70 on one and it might be a short 'meh' kind of production. They handed out flyers with a list of each firework and a comment section so you could write what you thought of it. I think it will be a great reference for when we go back to purchase some for the Fourth and I'm super excited!

Evie wasn't too excited about the fireworks show...we let her bring her tennis ball and she was perfectly content playing with that. The demonstration was held at the local park and I'm quite certain the whole town was there. Granted it's not a very big town...only about 150 or so but still. In some ways it was a very red neck crowd but it was also kind of cool to see a town where everyone seemed to know everyone and the event was a town social of sorts. I think in another life, small town living would have been for me! I can see the appeal.

We are spending the holiday with the Kelly clan. It should be full of fun and excitement! 

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