Monday, October 15, 2007

Halloween costumes of the past

I am trying to figure out Halloween costumes before we leave on vacation, because when we get back we won't have much time. Corynn wants to be a mummy (which I know how to make-Kwynn was one in 2004), McKynna wants to be a mad doctor- we are thinking bloody scrubs, latex gloves and surgical mask. And Kwynn is still undecided.

We decided to look back at the previous years costumes and wanted to share.

Halloween 2003

McKynna- wicked witch
Kwynn- pirate

Halloween 2004

Our little bumble bee

Our little princesses

Halloween 2005

McKynna - vampire
Kwynn- mummy (the costume I made)

Last year we had a banchee, a zombie and superman. Typical girl costumes, right!?


Deb said...

Where did you learn to do makeup so well? I love them all!!

Lindsey said...

Guess I will be calling you on halloween!