Wednesday, October 24, 2007

World Series Fever

We have learned that the Colorado Rockies are playing the Boston Red Socks in the World Series.... and this state is going crazy! Its all over the news, billboards, radio, newspapers and its all anyone is talking about. Rockies paraphernalia is all over the place.

Some interesting facts I've learned:
  • The Red Socks payroll is 130 million and the Rockies is only 50 million
  • The Red Socks have been to the WS 12 times, this is the first for the Rockies
  • The Red Socks franchise has been around since 1901, Rockies since 1993
  • The Rockies are the big time underdog as rated by sports channels and commentaries
And I am such a sucker for an underdog uprising (my favorite was Standford whooping up on USC...did you see Carroll's face? PRICELESS!)- so we will probably watch game one tonight.

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Lindsey said...

I'm not really a baseball fan- but your Rockies didn't do so hot!

So how was your trip?