Monday, December 03, 2007

A bit of advice...

I started Christmas shopping this summer...and inspite of all that hard work and preparation, I am finding myself becoming overwhelmed as the days pass and the holidays get closer. There are so many little things left to cards, stocking stuffers, making christmas candy and goodies, getting our christmas card/pic out in the mail, finishing up the last little odds and ends on the gift list...ughhhhhh!

My super smart "pa-in-law" gave me a pillow with some really great advice...

In my case, it was the christmas lights... literally! If you only knew how close I was to getting the shears and hacking through the strands of defective lights wrapped around my tree! Instead, there was a little screaming, yelling, swearing (oops!) and even some tears. I soon decided to take a break and get back to it when I felt more in the christmas spirit. In the end- our tree is up and nicely strung with working lights.

In not so literal terms... I am vowing to keep the christmas spirit with me this month and have sworn to remain stress-free!

Hmmmmm Well- so far so good. But check back around December 23rd! ha! That's the true test!

Anyway- just wanted to share my "pa-in-law's" holiday advice! Untangle that tinsel, people!

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Lindsey said...

You are so stinking funny (as Ella would say!)