Friday, December 14, 2007

OH the candy!!!!!

Today afterschool we made gingerbread houses. This is the story* of a how much a simple gingerbread house can mean!

A man in his early thirties was having a horrible time. He had lost touch with his family, feeling a complete failure in his parents eyes. He couldn't hold a job. He didn't have a wife or children and the holidays were causing him to feel extremely lonely. He found himself drinking more and more everyday just to numb the pain. Then one night, close to Christmas, he heard a knock at his door. He really didn't want to answer the door, but the person or persons just kept knocking. He finally answered the door, and there were two girls with huge smiles on their faces with a brightly decorated gingerbread house. The girls sang him a Christmas carol, wished him a Merry Christmas and gave him the house. The visit was short but left a lasting message with the man. They girls would never know how important that small act of kindness meant to the man... at least not for several years. The next morning, he called his parents and went to Christmas service with them. He quit drinking and found a better path to follow.

So in the spirit of this story, we made gingerbread houses.

Here is Kwynn working on her masterpiece...

Ah... they really do love eachother

Here are the girls with their second cousin, who was over playing

I think they ate more candy than anything (but that's what its all about)

*that is how my mom's neighbor, Joe, described the Christmas a friend of mine and I took him our gingerbread house. He reminds my kids of how much it meant everytime he catches us at my mom's house


Lindsey said...

That's such an amazing story! It's always the little things in life. How old were you when this happened?

Audra said...

It was with Sarah Johnson- not sure if you remember her... and it was back in 1994. He wasn't suicidal or anything- just needed a little kindness to realize there is more to life. He has been a Godsend to my mom...helping her with yard stuff and little things around the house. He's a really nice guy.

Amanda said...

Very inspiring! Thanks for sharing it.