Friday, September 11, 2009


I think the word for the weekend is EXCITED and all other variations of the word!

First off, our realtor walked through our house yesterday and said our house was PERFECT! 100% ready for showings! Woooo hooooooooo!

She even commented on how clean and lovely everything was....she asked if I had taken a staging class! Silly lady! John told her I just watch too much HGTV. Time well spent, I must add! (although she never mentioned the blinds- eh, probably for the better!)

I'm so excited! She's excited! We are all EXCITED!

EVEN MORE EXCITING...John and I found our dream home. I hope and pray it all works out. I love it sooooo much- I told John I was going to pitch a tent and camp out in the yard until it was ours. That way I could scare off any other potential buyers! And yes, I'm just that crazy! :)

TOTAL AND COMPLETE EXCITEMENT...the fam is headed to the husker game tomorrow.... Go BIG RED!


The Brink Blog said...

So, sounds like I should come over and get some pointers from you--I feel like my house is so cluttered with CRAP sometimes! Where is the new house you are taking a look at? Is the style different? I could totally see you in a house with a HUGE kitchen and wrap around deck....
Yeah, so excited to see you all tomorrow! Let's just hope the rain stays AWAY!!

Kwynn said...

That's a good blog Mom!