Thursday, September 03, 2009

Oh where Oh where?

Oh where Oh where did my little phone go
Oh where Oh where can it be?

We are packing up and selling the house.
Its time.

We've wanted to move for a few years we are finally just going to jump right in and do it!

(Incase your wondering where we are moving to- we don't know. Somewhere here in Lincoln, but first things first.)

I've been packing boxes for a week and half now...little boxes (no heavy lifting! I swear!)

I've been using the 'Clean Sweep' sorting system of keep- charity- throw away.

Well, yesterday I was packing up the play room. I was sorting, organizing, cleaning and packing all at the same time. Finally around 1:30- the room was done. pfhew!!!!! I start up the stairs and decide I should call John and tell him how awesome I am...that was alot of work!

Hmmmm? Where's my phone? Its not in my pocket....maybe its in the playroom.

So I grab the house phone and call my cell phone so that I can hear it ring. Nothing.

I shut off the radio so that I can get a better bearing on where my little phone might be...

Then I hear it! I follow the sound like a super sleuth hot on the trail- the ringing is getting louder.... OH CRAP! Its coming from a huge pile of boxes!

"Please let it be on the floor next to them! Please let it be on the floor next to them!" I begin to chant as I slowly approach the leaning tower of boxed toys.

Nope. I packed my phone in one of twelve boxes.


The day before I lost my super awesome black mega sharpie....Wanna know where I found it!? It the backyard flower garden! Interesting...

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wendysue said...

No! NO! NO! Oh, wait, you said you're moving just here in Lincoln right? Phew. I'll stop my tantrum now.

I once found my phone down in the basement storage room inside Molly's roller skate. Not even kidding.