Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Last week, I darn near had a heart attack and died! SERIOUSLY!

John got the call at work..."John, iphoto lost all my pictures. " I say rather calmly.

"What?" John replies.

"This stupid mac (which I really do love!) LOST all my photos! It says I don't have any!!!!"

"They are there...the application must have hiccupped."

"HICCUPP!? This was more like a full blown seizure!"

After alot of cussing, yelling (at no one because I was home alone) and a little hyperventilation....I found most of them and start moving files. I wasn't too worried about older photos because each year I back up all the photos of that year to disk...and as extra security John has our apple tv set up to back iphoto monthly. But I seriously thought for a minute that my heart stopped and I couldn't breathe.

I have spent the better half of last week moving photos and reorganizing my events and photo folders. I knew I had a lot of photos...but 18,851! CRAZINESS! Then again - that's 7 years worth and I easily take 100 photos on vacations...not to mention alaska- 752!

Still working on it...but this little incident has taught me a lesson in backing up files! Its important people!

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wendysue said...

Ugh! That is the worst, a few years ago ours crashed and crashed again. We ended up recovering most of the photos, but almost all were somehow renamed as something else. . .so strange. Madison's lost tooth picture is now. . .sjidlek. Makes Total sense. We finally invested in a back up system too. . .