Friday, September 18, 2009

ooober CLEAN

Or is it 'uber' clean? Either way, my house is sparkling clean these days. The house officially went on the market Wednesday afternoon. We've already had two private showings and another one scheduled for tomorrow- plus an open house on Sunday. So yes, my house is minty fresh and sparkling.

I've actually become obsessed with keeping the house clean. Kitchen sink scrubbed out with Comet every night, counters sprayed down with a bleach cleaner, floors swept and swiffered, carpets vacuumed, windows washed, beds made and don't even get me started on the bathrooms.

I realized my obsession had hit a freaky high yesterday when we getting ready to leave for a showing, I was walking down the hall and ran into Pucca as she was leaving the bathroom.

"Did you poo?" I asked her, scrutinizing her with my eyes.

"What!?" she asks starring at me with a bewildered look.

"Did you go 1 or 2?" I asked- she hesitated still looking at me like I was crazy as she tried to slip between me and door frame.

"Just forget it." I said as I grabbed the toilet bowl cleaner, magic wand and lysol.

I even felt a twinge of stabbing pain when John asked me if I could clean up our shower a bit today for the showing and open house this weekend. But I just scrubbing bubbled it a few days ago, I thought to myself. How could that soap scum have made it passed me? A covert night attack? Oh- its on now!

"ATTACK! ATTACK!" I sound the alarm.

"I'll grab the scrubbing bubbles!" Kwynn offers.

"Don't bother- its time for the big guns! Kynna, grab the Kaboom! Kwynn, grab the scrubber and latex gloves! Pucca, cover me- I'm going in!"

It was a battle well fought, but Kaboom gets them everytime!

Do you think maybe the fumes have gotten to me? :)


Deb said...

You've always kept an unbelievably clean house. Good luck on selling the house. If I had to put my money on it, I would say that it will sell quickly. ;)

So does Emma tag along for the ride during showings, or are you having to house her elsewhere?

Anita Lewandowski Brown said...

Honey, I love you but until this "phase" passes you by, don't come to my house. On the other hand, maybe you should drive here RIGHT NOW! Have a I got a challenge for you! ... think we could make this into a reality show?