Tuesday, September 08, 2009

LONG weekend

Anniversary, labor day, 1st NE game, tailgating, family, packing, boxes....WOWZERS! All this made for a very LONG weekend!

Tension levels have been running high in Kelly household...lots going on in our lives right now. John and I deal...it just usually involves louder than usual communication, eye rolling (me) and sarcasm (me again). But we've been through tougher times than this and so we've learned to just keep on truckin and moving on. There is a good side to our bickering- we get it out in the open- we say it and then its done. We move on. Nothing gets pent up, building over time. It works for us.

The family tailgate was fun and the game was awesome!!!! As a family gift for John's parents last Christmas, we gifted them a 'tailgating goody bag'- if you will. A tote complete with every thing you need to tailgate e.g. red and white beads, NE temp. tattoos, plates, forks, table cloth, koozies, trashbags, frisbee...you get the picture, We also got this NE pop-up canopy tent thing...thinking that it would be nice for shade. Well, I should have known it was going to be a pain- when I bought the thing. It weighed like 50 hundred pounds (as pucca would say) and its awkward to handle.

But Jeff being the stellar man that he is...brought it along on our tailgating adventure. Which was an ADVENTURE. Who knew packing coolers and cars could be so complicated!?

Once we got to the tailgating spot...I was determined to see the silly pop-up up! Our tailgating neighbors had one up and it was up in minutes...so how hard could it be?

No one wanted to put up the pop up, but I wouldn't let it go. I think Jeff finally gave in just to shut me up.

Now if packing the coolers and cars was complicated for us...you can only imagine how raising the pop up went. Personally, I don't think it was too bad...I mean you have to learn sometime. And it took us let than 10 minutes- that's pretty good!

In all it was a good time!

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