Thursday, January 07, 2010


two weeks of Christmas vacation was ENOUGH together time...considering we were stuck indoors the entire time. In fact we were snowed in - in GI town. They closed the interstate and wouldn't let you leave the county! TRAPPED! I say- TRAPPED!

Mother Nature has a nasty sense of humor! After two days of lovely bliss (the kids being back at school and I somewhat getting back to unpacking)- she ruled with her iron fist and brought the arctic weather smack down on the midwest. I think the whole county is reeling from this crazy weather!

Our high today was supposed to get to 0. Tomorrow we get to look forward to a high of -4...craziness! Don't even get me started on the windchills...-30...are you kidding me!

So we are once again home bound. shut in. stuck. Finishing up day two of school being cancelled...using up our last snowday allotment.

I love my children, but wow- the last few days have been rough. Lots of fighting. Lots of whining. Lots of tantrums and sassiness. Pucca has been sabotaging her sisters- picking on them while they sleep. The twins have been making bedroom rules deliberately associated with Pucca (for example: No girls whose name starts with C and are 6 yrs old)

We've played games, played the wii, played around with kwynnie's new sewing machine, rented movies (thank you appletv!) and now its quiet time. Well- actually I've locked myself in my room..I needed a few minutes. But now I hear arguing and I need to sign off!

Please! oh Please!
Mother Nature take pity on all of us and bring on the SUNSHINE! If not the sunshine...then at least temps fitting of some outdoor time!

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