Tuesday, January 12, 2010


You would think that by moving into a larger house (compared to our previous one) that it would be easy to unpack, find homes for everything and decorate. But its not.

Some things that I have discovered in the last few weeks:

  • Some of my favorite pieces from the old house don't fit with this house.
  • I find myself asking "Why did I pack this and move it?"
  • Opening a box and immediately shutting it again- not wanting to deal with the junk drawer stuff. You know the stuff that you should probably keep because someday someone will ask for that little twisty screw thing that went to one thing- and you have to have it or it doesn't work.
  • Making a house a home. It really is a lovely house...and slowly by adding our things i.e. furniture, photos, artwork etc...its starting to become a really lovely home. I guess I never thought about the time in between.

A house becomes your home by adding your personal touches. I've hung new window treatments...which seems like a small thing, but it makes a huge difference. Another thing that makes a huge difference is paint. BUT I'm not allowed to paint. Because I'm really really bad at it! I start out with the best of intentions and totally focused...but I'm very impatient and want results NOW. Painting isn't quick...it takes time and patience- which I fail at! I've specifically been banned from painting any room in this house.

So I had to work around that little hurdle and still make our house more us and less of the previous owners.

I went to a Uppercase Living party at Jess's and ordered this really cool vinyl wall decal. I wasn't sure where I would put it- I ordered it before we moved. During the unpacking- I came across it. During last week's snow days- I decided to put it up...in our bedroom.

I wasn't sure what John would say. I was pretty sure he would hate it. So I didn't say anything. He came home from work and went upstairs to change. UGH - moment of truth. I heard him coming back down the stairs and quickly busied myself at the kitchen sink with my back to him. He came up from behind and gave me hug. He put his head down next to my ear and whispered "You scared me for a sec- I'm glad that's not paint!" He gave me another squeeze and kissed my head.

wheeeewwwwwwww! I think the fact that it isn't paint and that its in our master bedroom- who really goes in there anyway...really helped the situation.

here it is....

Its in a corner that is totally bare and needs something like an oversized comfy chair. Someday...


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Anita Lewandowski Brown said...

This is why you have a mother who LIKE IT when you paint! Come to GI town and paint here when you get the "urge"!

Amanda said...

way cool, I totally understand about moving stuff from one house to the next. I am having a really hard time getting everything to "fit" in this house.

Rachel said...

All that you said about moving i've experienced in the last 18 months. Still trying to make this house a home and make things fit and all that fun stuff.