Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Dang girl!

Wow! I've been gone a LONG time...at least it seems like it has been! I've been super busy...same old same old- with the exception of computer problems. My mac went wonky and was OUT OF ORDER for a few days. Devastating I tell ya- devastating! But thanks to the Mac support geniuses - my mac is BACK and so am I!

In the last week I've gotten busy with some little decorating projects around the house. Seriously the best part of moving- bar NONE!

I'm being very selective about my choices...I plan on dying in this house or at least moving to an old folks home from here. And I want styles, artwork, furniture etc that will be cohesive and classic through the years. Of course, I will be throwing in some spunk and spice every now and then in each room...but for the most part I want the house to be us- comfortable, casual, cozy and welcoming!

Our new home sits on a small acreage... and has some country-esk features about it. We have apples trees and two huge lovely garden plots. Our kitchen counter tops look like antique blue and white enamelware. So in some of my decorating I've tried to incorporate a touch of country with antiques and mixed metals like pewter and iron. Interesting, RIGHT!?

Tomorrow I will be posting pix of the dining room hutch inspired by something I saw in the newest Pottery Barn catalog. And a peak into our master bedroom...its coming together quite nicely in an unexpected way!

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