Tuesday, May 04, 2010

One down- hundreds to go!

I have this folder...a three ringed binder...that I use to hold all pretty inspirational photos from magazines and catalogs. You know the ones- where you tear out the page and say 'Someday I'm going to do this!'.

I just recently finished one project from the aforementioned folder...and I LOVE it!

Our family room has warm tones of red, gold, tan, warm wood and anchored by my favorite scrumptious leather sofa! Not necessarily the colors I would have chosen...but as we were buying furniture and curtains- it kind of just fell into this palette. I like it...its warm and cozy- the way a family room should be!

Anyway- I was left stumped with what to do to this blank canvas of a wall. After moving in- I just threw up some pictures...just to hang something.

In the months since then- looking at it every day...I decided its not what I wanted. That same day a catalog came from Restoration Hardware. Very cool catalog- lots of design eye candy, if you will!

The pages containing this wall arrangement - were instantly torn out and put into my inspiration folder. I vowed right then and there...some day!

Well that day came! YAY!

Instead of paying an outrageous fortune for charcoal sketches of people I don't know...I went to my computer. My first thought was to find photos and try and sketch them myself. But that turned out to be way too much work and charcoal is definitely not my medium! messy messy messy

So I then took some of our family photos and uploaded them to photobucket. They have a super cool filter called sketch...which basically turns your photos into sketches. Very cool!

Here's an example:

Sooooo here's my interpretation of my inspiration photo.

Me like-y!

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