Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Dear Mr. Rain,

Please go away! I love how you nourish the grass (our yard looks fantastic!), trees, flowers (an over abundance of bloomage going on around here...yay!) and my budding garden, but seriously- enough is enough!

You make me tired, drain all my energy and leave me with no choice but to curl up with a book and do nothing else. SO NOT good for the chores and errands I'm supposed to be completing everyday- not good at all! My sink is full of dishes, there is laundry up to my armpits and when was the last time I cleaned my bathroom?

And since I'm on the subject of annoyance...thunderstorms so strong and sudden that they rock the windows, shake the house and provide a lightning strobe show at not cool! Everyone was up here at the Kelly casa- thanks to that lovely performance this morning...and attitudes (compliments of the early wake up call) are starting to become evident! ughhhhh

I hope to see your friend Mr. Sunshine tomorrow...I am in need of some Vitamin D or is it E? who cares...I need some warm sunny rays to perk me up!

Thanks so much

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