Saturday, May 22, 2010

health kick

So I heard somewhere that you don't have to abstain from sweets all together to be healthy and lose weight...just don't buy/eat processed sweet treats- make them yourself.

I think this is because store bought name brand sweets are loaded with bad calories, sugar and sodium- which is obviously not good for anyone...especially children. Its better to make homemade treats because you can manage the ingredients and alter recipes to incorporate healthier foods. AND because if you really want a cupcake...making them yourself, taking the time to mix, bake and cool them... gives you ample time to figure out if you really want that naughty little cupcake.

So with all that info floating around my noggin...I've found myself making muffins and banana bread for afterschool snacks- instead, a Little Debbie (I know - sometimes my motherhood skills are seriously lacking!)

I made some seriously healthy banana bread- incorporating applesauce instead of butter, honey and a sugar substitute in place of granulated sugar, used whole wheat, flax and oats for the starches and crunchy granola in place of the nuts (well actually I did that for only two loaves...because I'm partial to banana NUT bread and I didn't want to give up everything. I'm just that way!)

Doesn't really sound good- but it was YUMMY! The kids loved it! Took it to school in their lunches- even shared it with some friends...and they agreed that it was GOOD!

I did the same to my applesauce muffins (adding a little more applesauce and eliminating the butter altogether- they stayed surprisingly moist!)

Kids loved them! YAY!

So at that point I thought I was on a roll! This is awesome! I wondered through my kitchen seeing what else I could make healthy... and then it hit me...chocolate chip cookies...Do I dare!?

I used whole wheat, oats, appleasauce, sugar substitute, flax, and some weird organic soy chocolate chips I found in the health food store- and baked away!

BAD! BAD! BAD! they were not good!

Guess there are some things you just can't 'healthify'! I recommend sticking to the recipe on the Tollhouse package...just remember to set aside some time for a walk to burn off those 'oh so worth it calories'!


The Brink Blog said...

I would love to have the recipe for the banana bread. I am going to start WW the middle of June (after my trip to Colorado) in hopes to get on our "health kick"!! We need to get together again soon!! Not for another marathon of birthday invites...but maybe for a play date out back, enjoying some lemonade or iced tea, and watching the girlies laugh and play in a sprinkler of some sort!!

Megan said...

Nuts are very good for you in limited quantities. Walnuts are very high in Omega 3s and the calories from saturated fats are not a super high percentage.

Anyways,.I had to laugh at the art comment on my blog. I had no clue there was an art show at Conestoga - obviously my artistic abilities were limited! Haha!

Audra said...

Jess- for sure! Can't wait for school to get out so we can relax a bit! Our patio furniture should be here sometime in June- we'd love to your family over for dinner and 'break it in'!

Megan- Your right about the nuts- I think the substitution was more for my kids- they always pick them out. The granola I used was a cereal that had granola clusters with I snuck them in anyway! :)