Saturday, May 08, 2010


That was the sound of us making the rounds to see all the grandmas today! We visited all 5 (and two grandpas) in 6 hours (not including traveling time, of course- because that would just be CRAZY!).

We made the mad dash back to GI town to give our love, respect and devotion to these lovely women!

Great gma Tillie (John's gma)- awesome, funny, stubborn, loves to tell naughty jokes and is very giving!

Gma Kelly (my mother-in-law) - lovely, intelligent, kind, generous and a wonderful role model!

Great-great gma Hoskins (my great gma) - the matriarch of my side of the family, patient, devoted, beautiful and in many ways my hero!

Great-gma Scarborough (my gma) - fab-u-lous, ageless, loving, positive and a wonderful friend!

Gma Ski (my mom) - one tough cookie, determined, giving, fun and absolutely the best mom!

Here are some pix from our trip...some how my mother in law managed to NOT make it any of the photos...hmmmmmm... we'll have to remedy that next time!

Here's our most recent five generation pic!

The girls with great great gma Hoskins!

Gpa Gordie squeezing into a photo...silly gpa!
The girls taking a walk with gpa Kelly...checking on the baby geese, I think

gma Tillie and the girls laughing it up!

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McAllister Family said...

I hope you had a wonderful Mother's day Audra! You are a beautiful mother! Sure miss you guys!