Thursday, May 20, 2010

Field Trip

I recently went on a field trip with Pucca's class. We headed out to the Nature center at Pioneer Park- very cool! I've never been out there and was very impressed. Its a lovely park.

And it ended up being a very lovely day! Perfect weather! I love hanging out with first graders...there is something about their energy and view of life. They are still innocent to the woes of the world and haven't learned to filter thoughts before they fly out of their mouthes!

Case in point....

The classes were divided up into 6 groups- each group lead by a Nature Center guide. Before we set out on our trek, our guide talked to us about rules and concerns.

One of which was ticks. We were told "There are alot of ticks out here- so be sure to keep your hats on and have your parents check you when you get home."

To which a cute little bugger in our group replied "She's serious folks! My dad had a tick on his nuggets once and it was NOT good. Not good at all." shaking his head very matter of fact.

All of us parents tried our hardest not to bust a gut laughing...he was so sincere and serious. Probably the highlight of the day (besides getting to hang out with my princess).

Now...if only I can keep a straight face the next time I see that kid's dad!


The Brink Blog said...

That is hysterical!!! I would have busted a gut laughing!! And yes, their sweet little innocent comments and wit get me every time!

Christy said...

I'm totally stealing that terminology. They're nuggets from now on. Awesome.