Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Almost 2

Can you believe that little Evie is almost TWO YEARS OLD!? Wowzers!

She keeps us all very busy. And she is going to miss her older sisters immensely once school starts (which is in like 6 weeks! Crazy!). 

Anyway..I thought I would give you a little catch up on what this little stinker sweetie is like!

  • She wants what she wants and there is no swaying her. 
  • She has to have every single item she can find in her swimming pool with her. That includes water hose attachments, watering cans, bug catching nets, an occasional rock or dog toy. What ever is in the courtyard...ends up in the pool. And of course she's in there too! 
  • She likes to watch cartoons in our room on the big bed. I think its more for the fun of playing on a big tall bed than watching cartoons. Because she does alot more playing than sitting. Oh and she's only fallen off once! :)
  • She adores her sisters...especially Corynn. Follows her around like a little shadow. 
  • Evie still doesn't use words. Well some, but they are hard to understand. She communicates well with pointing and understands every command we give. She know what items are and can pick out some colors, shapes and animals. I was concerned about her lack of verbal usage, but several educators and other well qualified people have said let her be. She's fine and it's normal for a child with older siblings. So we'll wait. 
  • She likes to play the piano. At least once a day she sits at the piano and plays a tune (an Evie original composition). She really uses her fingers and doesn't pound on the keys. 
  • She likes people to sit next to her. She will slap the seat next to her and give you a look...a look that says "Sit down here! NOW!" And more times than not someone does. No wonder she doesn't use words! :)
  • She loves being outdoors...still! 
  • She loves going to the zoo and watching the birds, squirrels and rabbits in the yard. The other day we visited a farm and she tried climbing in the chicken coup. She wanted to get in there and pet them. 
  • She does have a temper and is easily frustrated. 
  • She loves her naps. And is usually the one telling us its time for bed. She will grab her blanket and pacifier, start waving goodbye to everyone and head for the stairs. She then waits on the bottom step (usually for me) to pick her up and put her down. Such a blessing!
  • She loves looking at photos of herself! So funny! It could keep her busy for hours! 
  • She loves little kids! Smothers them with hugs- even strangers. Like the random little boy she nearly knocked over at Cabela's. She ran up to him, stopped right in front of him, edged in closer and then attacked him with a hug. He gave us a look like "HELP!" but let her continue the hug. She finished and then giggled. He gave her a little smile and then hid behind his mom. He was 7. 
Our lives would be crazy different without this little girl! Couldn't imagine it, really! Even the twins have been known to say "Our lives would be so boring with out Evie." Yes. Yes they would! 

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