Thursday, July 11, 2013

our tufted

Meet Otto! Our newest DIY project. I have always (well for the last 4-5 years) wanted to make an ottoman and they are all over the internet. But I could never find the perfect coffee table for the base. I wanted something squarish in shape rather than the long and benchy.

By pure happenstance we came upon this huge behemoth of a coffee table. And I told the guy if he was just going to junk it...then I wanted it!!! "He" happens to be a friend of my husband. He graciously brought it over and gave it to me! FOR FREE!  YAY!

This is not a tutorial...just an overview of our project. It was a family affair!

Kwynn drilled holes for the tufting

Kynna helped me grid the top so our tufts would be consistent. 

Evie helped mark lines too. 

Kynna covered the buttons. 

Lots of foam to make it cozy! 

And here he is again! What a beauty! 

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