Friday, July 19, 2013


Corynn is finishing up her softball season. Unsure if there will be a next year. We don't push our kids into sports and extraciriculars. If they want to participate- great! We support them 100%. If they don't want to- that's fine too! We do have a rule though that if you sign up for something- you have to see it through season and can re-evaluate the next year.  I only say this because Corynn has her up days and down days. She likes getting together with her team mates and playing, but doesn't like all the pressure of games. Some people take youth sports WAY too serious.

Corynn is a wonderful player. Especially at bat! She regularly hits doubles and it makes this mama proud to see her confidence when at the plate.

Here are pix from the last game...

Practice swings

At bat ready to knock it out of the park! 

Running to like a cheetah!  

 Coming up on first as the coach is telling her to round the base to second

GO! GO! 

 Notice the chalk flying up behind her? Fast I tell ya! Fast!

 Safe on second! 

Corynn has had a great year. Always room for improvement, but she's definitely coming into her own. 

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