Friday, July 05, 2013

Independence Day 2013

The Fourth of July was a fun filled day spent with family and friends! My grandparents and mom came up from GI town and John's parents came over from just down the road! (they live in the same town as us now! YAY!). I love spending the Fourth with family!

 Cheese burgers! 

Red, white and blue cake

 This was the inside!

 mini fruit pizzas with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries...they were a hit! 

McKynna made these yummy sweet treats! 

The table all decorated! 

 The house all decorated! 

 Corynn lighting off some boomers... 

and then running away! 

Two of my loves!

This silly girl would ride around on her trike...

pick up smoke balls (used and unused) and put them in the 'trunk' of the trike...

and ride off to find more! We called her our little street sweeper! 

By far the funniest firecracker I've seen! 

Sisters cuddling

Corynn finally caught one of her parachutes! The first two ended up in trees.

My mom, grandparents and the girls

the twins with John's mom

It was a great day! We finished off the night by heading over to our neighbors and lighting off all the big night time stuff. From their front lawn you could see fireworks from half the city. It was very cool! The whole horizon was exploding in beautiful displays! Definitely a superb day! 

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