Tuesday, July 16, 2013

these two

Kwynn and Corynn have been opposing forces since the day Corynn was born. Not sure if it's their personalities, astrological signs or what...but Kwynn and Corynn just don't mesh. They get along fine, but Corynn knows how to push her sister's buttons and Kwynn has no problem voicing her opinions.

Last night at dinner, we had a salad with iceberg lettuce.

Corynn was putting some salad on her plate and said 'Watch out! Iceberg ahead!"

Kwynn's immediate reaction was a scowling "Too soon. Its still too soon." as she shook her head at Corynn.

We all laughed. Except for Kwynn.

(Kwynn is a Titanic history buff and fanatic. That's what made this so funny!)

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