Tuesday, July 30, 2013


John was away on a work trip last week and while he was away- I redid the mudroom. Painted and reorganized. One of my favorite things is the blackboard door.

It's the door going to and from the garage- which I covered completely in chalkboard paint. And to make it even better...its a metal door! Evie can use her magnet letters on it and I can pin up important school papers so we don't forget them. 

I really wanted chalkboard paint because I thought it would be a fun way to leave notes and info for the kids. Its only been up a few days and I love it more and more! 

Saturday was the first day we could use chalk on it (you have to wait 48-72 hours after the last coat). I was so excited to use it, but didn't really have any info to write on it. So I just wrote "Love you"- thinking it would be nice to see that affirmation when leaving the house. 

Everyone has been adding to it all weekend long! It makes me smile every time I use the door! 

Its started with John writing in blue: Love you more! Then Corynn wrote in yellow: Love u most!

The writing at the bottom: Then I wrote: to the moon and back. Then McKynna wrote the white writing underneath it which says: Which grows everyday as the moon slips away from Earth's gravitational pull. Kwynn wrote the orange writing to the left of that and it says: I don't do science- 3.14 (which is the mathematical integer of pi..which goes on for infinity). And of course the my little smartie pants had to add their two cents...of YUMMY onto the pi comment and 3.5m per year to the fact of the moon and earth moving apart. 

Love them girlies and John! 

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