Monday, July 29, 2013

learning to drive

The twins are studying for their Learner's permit test. I'm taking them in Wednesday morning to test and hopefully get their permits. It's time to start teaching these chickies to drive! Did I just say that!? My kids can't possibly be old enough to be driving? pure craziness! 

Yesterday they were taking practice tests through an app on their ipods. It was interesting to see how much John and I know... and didn't know. yikes

The girls have a kind and brave Gpa who has graciously offered to teach them to drive. And next summer they will take driver's ed and test out for their official license. Although its provisional for a year until they are 17. How things have changed since we were kids...and that wasn't all that long ago! We just went in and they gave us our learner's permit. No tests. And when we turned 16 we took our birth certificate down to the DMV, took a written test and driving test and that was it. Didn't seem them again until renewal time 5 years later.

I have to admit it will be nice to have two extra drivers in the family! It will definitely cut down on my 'kid runs' everyday. What will I do with all my time? 

Anyway- just wanted to give you a heads up people of Lincoln Land...the Kelly girls are driving!

No not this one, silly! 

 They will do great! 

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