Friday, October 25, 2013

And now you know the rest of the story

Monday evening the girls and I headed out to Davey to take our Christmas photos. Yes, these are way early. But it gets cold and busy and you have to order them and wait for them to ship, then address and label them all and well...ya that's why we took them this early.

I usually take the photos of the girls. Mostly because I am cheap and partly because I like taking photos. But taking photos of your own kids is problematic. They rush you, get cranky, put on fake smiles, bicker with each other and that's not even counting all the problems that come with trying to shoot a 2 year old.

On this particular day, the girls were a little pissy because we had to drive all the way to Davey for a 20 minute photo shoot. They had homework, didn't want to, why do we have to, blah blah blah.

Like a drill sergent, I ordered them in the car and told them we will stay at Davey until I get done with my pictures! Lucky for me, they calmed a bit and tried to comply.

I got some really great photos. At least one we'll use on our Christmas card (which I'm not sharing- you'll have to wait to receive it in the mail!). Here are a few of the others:

One of my favorites is this one...

Which is a great pic! Evie loves to swing between people and this photo really captures this moment in our lives. BUT thank goodness for photo editing, because this is the original! 

LOVELY, Emma! LOVELY! Damn dog! 

Had to share- I thought it was so funny! 

Well, there you go! Now you know the rest of the story!

Happy Friday! 

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