Thursday, October 03, 2013


Fall is my favorite time of year! Partly because I was married on Labor Day weekend and it reminds me of those first months together as a legit family. :) And partly because I love fall colors, the leaves, the weather, sweaters, boots, scarves...pretty much everything about it!

John and I were married in his parents' back yard over looking their lake. There were huge mums planted in pots and blooms floating in the fountain. That makes them special to me. And they are also a beautiful punch of color when all the summer blooms have started to fade. Most of our landscape is seasonally overlapped. Meaning we have spring bulbs that pop up in April, daylillies and black eyed susans all summer and mums that come into their own in the fall. All on top of one another so that the berms always have color.

I tell John every year that I'm not going to buy any more mums. He smiles (with that 'ya right' grin) knowing full well that's a load of bull. I just can't help it. I'm a sucker for the burgandy...and yellow...and white...and this new blood orange ya. Did I say I wasn't buying anymore? hmmmmm

Anyway here are some mums from around our yard!

I like to put little ones in the front planters to replace the petunias and other annuals. The one Evie is standing by - which is bigger than her- I planted last fall. Just a wee little mum that seems to really like its new home! 

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