Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Catching up

I was missing in action for a bit this past week or so. Lots going on around these parts. So here is a two-week recap to catch ya'll up!

First off, Evie and I have been seriously loving the fall weather! We spend much of our day outdoors swinging, picking up pinecones and wandering the yard. 

Next, I made these sweet shoes for Corynn. They are just a cheap pair of white canvas shoes from Walmart that I blocked out with sharpie. She LOVES minecraft and was super excited with them! She wore them to her school carnival the night I gave them to her and received lots of compliments from her friends. She credited her awesome mom! :)

Baked and baked all the yummy apples we picked! We picked a huge cart full, gave them to friends, snacked on them and baked delicious munchies! 

AND...I had LASIK done! No more glasses! YAY me! Although it was a horrible experience and I'm about 90% sure I would never do it again. It hurt, it was scary and I seriously thought I had blinded myself. I will tell that story another time. But as of today (13 days post op) I'm seeing better than I thought possible! So that is super awesome! 

Oh and yesterday when picking up Corynn from school...I saw a woodchuck scurry into the sewer. weird.

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