Monday, October 07, 2013

Family camping 2013

Just this last weekend, my family and mom drove down to Kansas for a camping weekend with my little brother and his girlfriend! It was a lot of fun! Cold...but fun! Fitting that the weekend we choose is the coldest one all season. Owell, that didn't stop us!

We drove down Friday, unpacked, went on a walk, made a campfire and roasted smores. Evie had fun playing with 'natural' toys like rocks, sticks, dirt and pinecones. We found a hedge apple tree and she thought they were balls. So she was really happy! She was a dirty messy child, but loved every minute of it!

Saturday we rented a boat- almost didn't because it was quite chilly. But once we got out on the water, the sun came out and we anchored in little coves on the lake to block the wasn't bad at all!

Only 3 little fishies were caught. Not even worth photographing...I'm talking super tiny. Maybe 3 or 4 inches. We saw some blue heron on the lake and they were pretty!

Came home from boating and defrosted a bit. Watched some football, grilled hamburgers and had another fire. It was fun to visit and spend time with the people I love the most!

Evie's favorite toy the first night was her flashlight! 

Evie found a squirrel on our walk and plopped right on down to watch it. 

We walked down by the lake just in time to see the sunset. Evie took off for the water...thank goodness there was a lot of trees and overgrowth to stop her! :)

Fishing time

Maranda- doesn't she look serious!? I think this was after she almost caught something big- we all saw it and then lost it right before getting it to the boat. BUMMER! 

Thanks, MOM! It was a fun weekend! 

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