Wednesday, October 30, 2013


My attitude and emotion tend to mirror the weather. My body needs sunlight to be motivated and energized. Even on the coldest most frigid day in January- as long as there is a bright sun, I'm good. These past few days have taken its toll. Its dreary and grey. The cold fall rain has been drizzling through the fog. Evie and I spent the better part of yesterday cuddled up on the couch reading books and watching cartoons. She must feel it too.

It's days like these...these borderline winter days...that have me longing for autumn's glory. The warm colors and spectacular sunsets. The reds, oranges and yellows that wash over the landscape and sky. I wish there was a place that was perpetually stuck in fall. Wouldn't that be awesome!? 

Happy Fall and be sure to do a sun shiny happy dance for me! (It's kind of like a rain dance, but for sun!) 

And while we are waiting for fall to come back...enjoy these fall photos from Earth Porn  (funny name, huh!)  you should totally follow them on facebook!!!

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