Monday, October 21, 2013

Patch 2013

I LOVE pumpkin patches! Probably because I love fall weather and everything autumn. This year we all (yes, even the twins!) went with John's parents. Here are some photos from the day! 

The gang watching Evie jump on huge inflated pillows and waiting and waiting and waiting

this picture is worth a thousand words for so many reasons! 

dang sun glare! Messed up a really great photo! 

I know deep down they really do love eachother! 

Evie finally warming up to Gpa and sharing the kettle piece at a time! 

Evie has been talking about pumpkins for weeks...everytime we see them at the store or at someone's house- her face lights up and she exclaims 'PUNK'N!' She was in heaven running around the patch! Gma finally helped her choose one. 

We came home with seven pumpkins...including a 52lb white giant! 

It does look quite nice on our front porch- I must admit! And it was fun to see Kwynn get excited about know with all the teenage-I'm-too-old-for-this-stuff attitude that tends to seep out. John, Kynna and Gma Kelly went through a haunted house and Evie loved playing in the corn kernels. We all shared some kettle corn and enjoyed the hayrack ride! It was a really great time! 

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