Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Thankful series part 3

I am thankful for Luke and Amy (and their two boys).

Luke is John's brother and Amy is his wife.

We aren't the closest, but I do love them and am thankful to call them family. Amy and Luke are 5 years older than John which makes them 7 years older than me. Because John and I married young- the age difference played a bit of a factor. I was young and naive and had A LOT of growing up to do. But now that we are getting older and wiser...I think they are starting to consider me an equal. :)

I am thankful for Luke because he is the complete opposite of John. They butt heads and see things differently. BUT I think that can be a good thing. They help run the family business and its important to challenge ideas and gain new perspectives. Having opposite views helps to insure all bases are covered. Luke is the quintessential big brother always having to be the leader and in charge and John is the typical little brother always trying to gain his brother's respect. But deep down they are family and love each other. They have common goals and interests.  Working with family is tricky- but they are getting it done! I also like Luke because in some ways we are similar. He will probably flip his lid when (or if) he reads this. Probably thinking I'm off my rocker. But one way we are similar is that we are both quiet and have spouses that like to talk. Our lack of eagerness to talk to everyone may come off as a bit rude and in my case, bitchy. But that's not the case.... I see it as our spouses talk enough for the both of us!;) Luke is also crazy smart, a little adventurous and has some pretty sweet hair!

I am thankful for Amy. She is the closest thing I have to a 'sister'. She is someone I can talk to, conspire with and vent to about family matters. Some aspects of our childhood are having someone who understands family drama and nuttiness is nice. We aren't super close, but I think there is an understanding there that we are family and we are in this together. We have similar views and hopes that our kids stay close and the importance of family. I am grateful she is always there to support and jump on board with my plans for birthdays, surprises and holidays.

I am thankful for Luke and Amy. We are in the same boat and the waters are going to get rough...and together I think we can make it through!

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