Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thankful series part 2

I am thankful for my grandparents!

I was extremely blessed growing up - I had alot of grandparents! I had a great grandma, great grandpa, a grandma and a grandpa on my dad's side, a grandma on my mom's side and several grandpas...she was married a few times! :)

Grandpa Schneider- my mom's biological father

Grandpa Yunk- my mom's step dad who adopted her

Grandpa White- my gma's 4th husband and the one I knew most of my childhood

My great grandma...you can read more about her here and here

My grandma and her husband are now my only grandparents. They married when I was 16...so I don't refer to him as grandpa- I call him by his name, Gordie. But he is a grandpa to me and definitely to my children.

I love Gordie and am thankful for him for a number of reasons. I admire his take on life. He has very simple views and isn't afraid to share them. He is 'old school' in good way. He dresses up for dinner, has manners of yester year that are rarely seen today, and he adores my grandma. He is willing to help anyone he can. He is a walking talking breathing farm boy from the 1950s..just aged a bit. I love his old fashionedness and views on life. He is a character and we are so lucky to have him in our family. My fondest memory of him is when I found out I was pregnant. I was in highschool and he was newly married to my grandma. With his views and not knowing me- it would have been really easy for him to chastise me, write me off and pass judgement. But he didn't. He joked a bit, smiled and said worse things have happened. And when the twins came (and the others) he loved them as if they were his own family. He accepted our family and all its craziness and has never judged us. He's a really good guy!

His wife, my grandma is the sweetest soul you will ever meet. Her smile is warm and she is gracious and kind. She writes the sweetest notes and thank yous. I don't think I've ever seen her lose her temper or yell at us...and that's saying alot- as kids we were good at getting into trouble. She has wonderful taste in decor and clothes and could out shop even the most experienced shoppers. I am thankful to have my grandma in my life because she takes on life with such grace. She walks into a room, smiles and takes it all in. She doesn't have to be the loudest story teller or the center of attention. She is content with just experiencing the moment. She also doesn't waste her time feeling angry, hurt or upset. She focuses on the good. She is always praising and doesn't criticize or condescend. She doesn't spread hurtful gossip or tear people down. She doesn't judge. She only acknowledges the good in people and in life.  It's something that is hard to explain. She just has this way about her that amazes me. She has so many attributes that amaze me and that I hope to exemplify.

Love you bunches, Grandma and Gordie! More than you'll ever know! 

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