Sunday, January 06, 2008


We had some friends from GI town come over for dinner and stay with us last night. We had a great evening and their son is absolutely adorable! But in all the craziness of this morning and trying to get everyone up, showered and them out of town- I completely forgot our ward church time switched to morning service as of Jan. 1st. So instead of going from 1-4 we now go from 9-12. I realized this at noon when I was getting ready to go to church and thought- It will be so nice when church switches to morning.... ughhhh! maaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn!


Lindsey said...

You really go to church for three hours?

Audra said...

yes, mam! Well, actually I usually only make it to last two hours (the sunday school classes) because the first hour is sacrament (the main service) and I feel overwhelmed trying to keep everyone quiet for an hour by myself.

But its not as bad as it sounds and the kids love their classes.