Thursday, January 31, 2008


Corynn has been talking about her birthday party (which isn't until April 5th) since her last birthday party. And yesterday she told me what kind of party she is going to have 'when she gets six.'

She is having a princess party- is it any wonder!? The problem lies in the fact that most of her friends- well all but one- are boys! Her bestest friend ever is TJ. He's the son of my oldest and closest friend, Kris. He was born five months exactly after Corynn. But you wouldn't think so from the picture.
Now you know why I'm always going on about how freakin tall she is! In this pic she is an astronaut and he's Superman. Usually she's superman and he's spiderman. any-hooo....

I think we will just have a princess cake and princess balloons. and the party favors will be generic birthday ones. Maybe I can find something cute online...

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