Thursday, March 20, 2008


I am in desperate need of a break! I have seriously been looking forward to spring break! I think I may have even been more excited than my kids...

These past few months have just felt endless. Running here, running there, doing this for one kid, this for the other, getting groceries, watching kids other than my own, doing laundry, girl scouts, activity days, classroom parties, school fundraisers, school meetings, pto ETC ETC ETC

WHEWWWW! So our big plans for the week off are to head out to Camp Davey (the kelly family retreat). I am so excited! I love it out there! Its nice and peaceful. No schedules, no appointments, no random people stopping by, I LOVE IT! And so do the kids! Its such a wonderful place to get away and escape for a bit!

No internet out there- so I'm off from blogging this week aswell. See ya next weekend! Have a great week everyone!

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Deb said...

Yeah for you!!! Enjoy yourself and I hope you have a good break... you deserve it.