Monday, March 31, 2008

Tree rash

We spent spring break at Davey- and we had tons of fun! For the most part it was relaxing!

On Thursday- while I was doing yard work and cleaning out plant beds (that lovely spring clean up) Kwynn comes running over to me.

"Mom- mom! you have to come back to the house and hurry!"

panic starts to set in and before I could utter a 'why?' she says "I fell out of a tree!"

She whips around and pulls up her shirt and I see this...

She was getting her frisbie out of a tree- and on the way down she slid most of the way- OUCH!

Just minor scrapes and scratches- but if you know Kwynny- it might as well have been severe trauma. She gladly posed for pix and milked it all weekend long!

Despite that little chaotic episode- we had alot of fun! I'll post some highlights on Thursday!


wendysue said...

She didn't even show it off at church!! :)

That's impressive!

Shannon said...

Ouch - I saw it on Friday night. Not pleasant at all.

Deb said...

Poor girl! That looks like it hurts!