Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I swear its BROKEN!

Sunday morning while I was vacuuming - I broke my toe. I forgot that I had the vacuum in drive, which makes is effortless to push back and forth- and pulled it right back into my foot- consequently breaking my middle toe on my right foot.

I heard/felt the pop and crunch- its the top knuckle of the toe. I have a toe ring on this toe - so the top of my toe puffed up and turned purple almost immediately. The rest of the toe turned purple yesterday. It think the toe ring actually helped with constricting the swelling... or I could just be trying to convince myself of that fact so I don't have to take the ring off. Have I ever mentioned I'm a pretty big wuss!?

I have taken pictures of it- because lets face it... how often do you get a war-wound from doing house work! :) HA!

Actually- I haven't posted it because I have a slight foot phobia. They don't scare me- they just gross me out. And of all the pictures I took of my toe- I couldn't find one to post - at least not one that I wouldn't cause me to cringe! So if you see me this week and want to see a purple and swollen toe- just ask! :)

My kids were sweet and tried to take care of me. But they soon learned it would take more than a broken toe to keep mom from being mom.

I had to put shoes on yesterday to go out- which lets just say hurt like heck! As I was putting on my shoe, I let out a little cry. Corynn quickly says- Mom, put them on the right feet!
It was cute because when she complains about her shoes hurting - I tell her to put them on the right feet and then they wouldn't hurt!

Gotta love a dose of your own advice!


Lindsey said...

I for one want to thank you for not putting a picture of your toe on here. I hate feet! All feet! :D

Take care of yourself! Call me if you need anything!

Deb said...

Ouch! I broke one of my pinky toes about 10 years ago and it is still about twice the size of my normal pinky toe to this day! I have a hard time finding shoes that fit. So nurse that toe back to normal. ;)

wendysue said...

Ouch! I wonder if Matt still has one of those velcro orthopaedic shoe things from when he broke his toe. . .or how about flipflops? Then everyone could ask you about it!!