Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter...its a family thing!

I had to post pix from Easter! We spent the weekend in GI town with family. I only have a few from John's parents- not sure why...I'm usually much more on the ball!

It was quite windy which explains the girls' lovely hair-dos!

Here's one of all the cousins (well minus Stetson) on my side.

Here's Corynn and "her friend" her cousin Christopher. They're about eight months apart and called each other "friend." Its the cutest thing!

Here are the girls with my grandma and her husband Gordie...

I'm missing pix with gma tillie and gma if anyone snapped one of those- please send them to me!

Usually holidays in my family mean drama and chaos- but this one went SUPER! The kids got along great, the adults got along great, the food was superb and we all went home happy!

Good times!

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