Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Baldy McGee

This is the new nickname I call Pucca. Why you ask?

Well, here's the scoop-

She had her birthday tea party on Saturday. It was super cute and the girls were darling. One of the gifts she received was a Barbie doll with a hair braider gun. A gun that will twist and braid your hair and the barbie's hair.

Here's a pic of Pucca when she got it...

If you look closely at the package you can see the braider gun.

I told her it was a toy that could only be done with mom's help etc etc. Well- after the party she decided to go play with it with out telling us... and this is what happened...

YEP- it completely ripped out two chunks of her hair. (Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Barbies?)

She didn't even tell us- probably because she knew she wasn't supposed to be playing with it unsupervised.

I went to come her hair and get her ready for a friend's bday party later that day and started FREAKING out when I noticed the bald spot! Poor thing! She felt so guilty, sad and I'm sure hurt (it had to be painful)!

Needless to say- that toy went away...far away... to a landfill somewhere. And baldy mcgee will be sporting side pony tails to cover the bald spot. Who'd have ever thought a 5 year old would need a comb-over?


Amanda said...

Ouch, poor girl! A princess with a bald spot. Aren't we glad that hair grows back!?

Lindsey said...

YIKES! That looks like it would have killed!

Deb said...

Oh, ouch! I remember doing something very similar at her age. Gotta watch out for those barbie toys.