Thursday, April 24, 2008

Testing the waters

There was no school on Monday for LPS elementary- so I had the twins (age 9), Pucca (5), Thunder (2) and Kayin (11 months) all day. Its no secret that John and I would like to have another child- so I decided to take this opportunity and test the waters. Could I really handle another one? or two if it were twins again?

I planned an outing to find out. We went to the zoo about 11- but the parking lot was full! I mean FULL- there were no parking spaces and all the 'illegal curb parking' was taken as well. So we decided to go grab lunch somewhere and then try our luck again.

At lunch- I had two women come up to me and complimented me on how well the kids were. They were amazed at how quiet and well behaved everyone was. That really made me feel good- its always nice to get a pat on the back and feel like your doing a good job.

SO back to the zoo we go- and we find parking! YEAH! We spent 2 hours at the zoo- the kids had fun and everyone was really good! It was Science Day - so the older ones were able to learn about weather, chemicals, scientific method and how their heart works.

After the zoo- we came back so Kayin could nap. While she was napping, me and other four- played outside. I even got Thunder to help me pull weeds- he would get so proud of himself- it was really cute!

It was a really great day!

Kayin- lovin the stroller!

Thunder checkin out the snakes and turtles.

Can't go to the zoo without riding the train! Kayin loved it- screamed and giggled the whole way. Thunder...not so much. He held onto my hand for dear life.


Syn said...

You have more courage than I do. I have four and I'd never attempt the zoo by myself, lol.

Lindsey said...

you are completely nuts! I'd never attempt something like that! You're an awesome mom and I bet you could handle four or five more!

Audra said...

Lindsey- ummmmm...NO! :)

I think one more pregnancy is enough for us- but thanks for the compliment!