Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Compulsive Mower

Here's my best spycam pic- he's actually mowing as I type this - which is probably what triggered my annoyance...

I think our neighbor is a compulsive mower! He mows his lawn every two days- NO JOKE!

Now your probably wondering why this is such a big deal...well our yards are attached in the front- so when he mows his yard and we don't - OURS looks horrible and scraggly.

We aren't neglectful lawn people- we mow twice a week...which is plenty I feel. I don't mind mowing- its alone time and makes your yard look great- so why not! But it tends to be chore. I am super busy during the day with little people and generally my evenings are full of girl scouts, sports practice, church group etc. So the dilemma is - when do I find time to mow!? The fact that I can find an hour twice a week to mow is pretty amazing- but it really busts my buttons when I find that time, mow my lawn, it looks great, green and manicured....and then two days later it looks like poo because my neighbor is out mowing his.

Just one of those pet peeves, I suppose! I think that coupled with the fact I'm battling a massive migraine and Corynn is bouncing off the walls- is just letting my nagging side out!

I think I'll log off now before I rant your blog-reading eyeballs out! :)

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wendysue said...

We have a compulsive mower next door too! I hate it. The only solace I find is that my other neighbor never mows, she just has overgrown everything, and the people across the street mow about once a month.

I'm with you. . .I'm the mower, it's time alone, I've always mowed. But, usually I'm hurrying outside at 8:30pm, hoping to get it done before it's totally dark and I can't see. . .I always have some random patch the next morning that I totally missed.