Friday, May 02, 2008

Friday FUNNIES!!!!

We had alot of fun delivering may baskets yesterday. There wasn't one big funny thing- just basically the whole experience. The girls were telling me where to park, they were hiding behind trees and tiptoeing past windows. It was really funny- especially since we went a little early and not many people were even home yet. But they still had fun.

It was also funny watching neighbors reactions to what we were doing. Some just stared with a skeptical eye and others smiled and waved.

Corynn took most of her baskets to school- so she only had one house to stop by. She was all set and had watched her sisters do the previous ones. I park a few houses down, she gets out, and starts toward the house. I figure she has it- when I notice she is going to the wrong house. (in her defense they were town houses and all looked exactly the same) So I send Kwynn out to get her before she rings the doorbell. TOO LATE- she was already running back to the van by the time Kwynn got to her. They quickly fixed the mistake and ran back to the van... its just a good thing their neighbor wasn't at home! :)

It was really cute and we had a lot of fun!

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Can I Have This Dance.... said...

May Day is a fun tradition our kids remember about Nebraska. They haven't done it in any other state that we have lived.
It was so fun getting a message from you on our blog. I can't believe how much your girls have grown!