Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Kwynn's speech!!!!!!

Well, we finally got it back...and here it is!

Kelly Campaign 2008

I strongly believe that I would make a good candidate for class president. Our class president should be trustworthy and respectful. These are two words that describe many past US presidents. I feel these two words also describe me.

First, I'm a trustworthy person. You can count on me to help whenever necessary. I am honest in my actions. I always tell the truth. I do not hurt or put down others.

Secondly, I am respectful. I listen to my teachers. I wait until I am called on to answer. I never break things that I have borrowed. I always put things back where I found them. I treat all my classmates nicely.

You may be asking yourselves how will Kwynn improve our grade and school? I would work with Mrs. Richter (the principal) and the custodians to catch the kids who vandalized the bathrooms. I will put together a plan to make soccer more fair. I would also work with our teachers to set up class goals and rewards we would get for meeting them.

In conclusion, you should vote for someone you trust. You should vote for someone who cares about the 4th grade. You should vote for someone who cares about our school. You should vote for someone who will work hard and do their best. That someone is me. Vote for Kwynn Kelly.

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Lindsey said...

That's pretty good! You should be proud!