Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

We went back to GI town for Mother's Day. It's always nice going back and seeing family.

On my side of the family we have five generations of women.

Here are the girls with my great grandma...their GREAT-GREAT grandma.I love this woman- she is so strong and loving! I think she would have been one of my greatest bestest friends had we lived at the same time. Corynn is named after her.

There are four generations on John's side of the family.

Here are the girls with John's grandma...their great grandma. I love this woman too! She is a hoot! We are both a little...hmmmm... how shall I put it...forthright and blunt and sometimes find it hard to filter out the inappropriateness. ya- I think that says it best! Corynn is also named after her.

All of the women in our families are amazing.

My mom is one of the most giving and selfless people alive.

My mother in law is my role model- her example teaches me how to be the best mother, wife and person.

My grandma is the most forgiving person I know. I aspire to be at her level someday.

John's grandma is funny and little obnoxious- I hope to have that much humor and fun when I'm 93!

My great grandma is a strong women who has lived through so much - both historically and personally. She gave so much of herself to her family and sacrificed alot of herself in the process! She truly is amazing!

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Can I Have This Dance.... said...

What great pictures! You will cherish them for years to come.
Thanks for Sharing.